The La Rosa Bianca Farm was born in a small outlying village of Cavallermaggiore, from the desire of Enrico to create a new company that would bringing brad news on the territory.

As is well known, the farms in the area are mainly cattle, but it was decided to experiment with a new type of breeding: sheep. This is how in 2006 everything started with the purchase of 60 Lacaune breeders in a breeding center specialized in France. The Lacaune is a dual-purpose breed predisposed to the transformation of meat and milk.

After careful studies on rations and animal welfare, the company produces sheep’s milk all year round and the breeding is in continuous research and evolution. After years the main objectives remain those of improving the animals life by allocating a diet based on fodder and cereals grown in the farm, to obtain from them some interesting products to offer to the final consumer.

The company today

Growing up, over time you notice that this type of food also characterizes the taste of meat. In fact, this is how, in 2013, we started our collaboration with the meat development center AGENFORM in Moretta. Here, following old recipes and experimenting for about two years, we reached the rediscovery of various products: salame, filetto baciato, mortadellina, terrina and ragù. Our products do not contain wheat flour, milk flours and substances able to retain water. A short and transparent supply chain, to bring the consumer a genuine and ready to use product.

Today the La Rosa Bianca Farm has about 600 animals in the stable, so it looks towards the future trying to overcome every goal set: improve the breeding technologically without forgetting the traditions and flavors of the past.

Enrico is an agricultural technician and has attended the biennial course at Agenform in the dairy sector.

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