Bruss Cream spread with sheep’s cheese



The Bruss is a “spreadable cheese” typical of the Piedmont valleys. It was born after the war when it was necessary not to throw away the leftovers of cheese. Now we work with cheese that aesthetically are not suitable for sale and alcoholic aging. Our version of Bruss is a derivative of milk, it is obtained from the aged caciotta and cacioricotta: they are cut and mixed with grappa and brandy, then covered with extra virgin olive oil. Once ready, the Bruss will be creamy and discreetly strong in flavor and aroma, ideal to be eaten spread on slices of bread or as a seasoner of dishes. 

Ingredients: sheep’s cheese (pasteurized sheep’s milk, live lactic ferments, rennet, salt) white grappa, brandy, chili pepper and pepper, extra virgin olive oil. Store in the refrigerator at 0°/4° C.

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